Our Breeders

Hello there I am Sis as you can see I am a real beauty, all black & in the sun light you can see bits of brown hairs. I love nothing more than having my human mommy rub my belly. I also have had one litter of really tiny pretty babies. My babies were array of different colors. My mom tells me my tiny babies were beautiful, but I already knew that.
Hi my name is Bell I think I am the prettiest female of the bunch but of course my mom does not tell the other girls because she loves us all & will not hurt any ones feelings
Nellie is my name, I am the boss around our house I try to keep everybody in line. Then again I am a real sweetheart, I like to talk I don't think my human mom knows what I am saying but thats ok I just keep talking.
Fawnya is my name I got my name because when I was a baby I looked alot like a baby deer. Get it, fawn ( fawnya ) lol. I have had one litter of two babies so far.I think I might have another litter maybe next year. So I want you to keep comming back to this site because you are gonna want to see my cute babies. Oh, I almost forgot can you tell I like to dress up !!
My name is Smokey, I am the stud of the family that includes my humnan dad also ( LOL ). My mom tells me how handsome I am all the time, I think she is right I am pretty cute.

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