Our Breeders

This is our little stud muffin his name is BURGER, we call him Burger Butt. Left to right Burger with Gengie our pitbull  2 months, in the bee suit 4 months, in cowboy suit 6 months, in the wagon 1 year old. Burger will be a daddy at the end of this year 2014. As you can see piggy's get along with other animals very well.

As you can see this little boy is falling asleep , he must have been riding his horse to long today , lol

Burger enjoying a ride in the wagon with his girls.

Roxie waiting for Santa.

Roxie enjoying a ride in the wagon by herself

Wendy thinks she is a reindeer.

Wendy loves to get her picture taken.

Burger & Roxie at the Pacers game.

Wendy waiting in the kitchen to get her treat for using her litter box, good girl !!

This is our monkey Pixie trying to talk to the piglets. I am not so sure they understand what she is trying to tell them. I know one thing for sure they are keeping her entertained and out of trouble for the moment.

This is Pixie talking with the piglets
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